Gone with the Wind Fashion Tips

In 1939, movie history changed: Gone with the Wind, a literary phenomenon in its own right, was released. Making legends out of Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland, and Leslie Howard, this movie is often seen as the most important movie of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Side note: now I really want to watch Gone with the Wind

Here are your Gone with the Wind Fashion Tips:

1. Always appear every inch the refined Southern Belle


This is commandment number one.

2. Once you find a colour that works for you


Stick with it.

3. Keep it in the family. Fashion sense, that is.


Pass on a keen fashion sense to your daughter. Also pass on riding safety tips.

4. In polite company…


Stand by your friend, even if she’s been cast as the town’s harlot and forced to wear a revealing dress in front of polite company. Bonus points if you look sallow and understated but just don’t care.

5. Keep refined tastes


Your fashion sense will develop over time. Make sure it’s always…fashionable.

6. Take inspiration where you can find it


You never know what’s sitting around waiting to be a sartorial gold mine.

7. Sometimes you need a good ole shopping spree.


On someone else’s dime, if possible.

8. Pick an appropriate wedding dress


The poufy sleeves are full of secret longings for Ashley.

9. Sometimes your sartorial choices need to be immortalized


Go MoMA or go home, as I always say.

10. Treat your enemy as if she were your sister


Especially when you’re the sharper dress. She obviously needs your friendship.

11. The family that dresses together stays together


Or, well…scratch that. They all look sharp here is the point. 

12. Fur is murder


Gold and ivory birds are bold fashion choices.

13. Protecting your skin from the blistering sun is a command


Slapping your sister across the face is a choice.

14. He’s not laughing at you


He’s laughing at that crazy hat. Choose wisely.

15. Treat your tresses


If you’ve got the hair for it, why not try intricate hairstyles?

16. Yes, tomorrow is another day…


But fashion is eternal.

And now for a special Melanie section because you have to love her:

1. Blend in


When you live with someone as imposing as Scarlett, what choice do you have? Bonus points if your spouse blends in, too.

2. Brighten up a little bit


A splash of red — or Scarlett, amirite? — has never hurt anyone’s wardrobe.

3. Softness


Walk that fine line between softness and weakness. Here Melanie doesn’t look like a weakling. It’s a line she walks throughout the film, looking soft and looking weak.

4. Take care of your hair


Brushed and braided when not out and about. 


Images found via Google Images.

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